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Archie Shepp

/ Live At The Donaueschingen Music Festival 1967

Albert Mangelsdorff

/ The Wide Point

Annie Ross & Pony Poindexter

Baden Powell

/ Tristeza On Guitar

Barry Harris

/ Vicissitudes

Benny Bailey

/ Folklore In Swing

The Dave Pike Set

/ Live At The Philharmonie

Dexter Gordon

/ A Day In Copenhagen

Dizzy Gillespie Renuion Big Band

Eddie Thompson

/ Piano Mood

Eugen Cicero

/ In Town

Eugen Cicero

/ Romantic Swing

Eugen Cicero

/ Klavierspielereien

Eugen Cicero

/ Balkan Rhapsody

Freddie Hubbard

/ The Hub Of Hubbard

Fritz Pauer

/ Live At The Berlin Jazz Galerie

Fritz Pauer

/ Power By Pauer

George Gruntz

/ From Sticksland With Love

Hans Koller

/ Relax With My Horns

James Moody-Al Cohn

/ Too Heavy For Words

Karin Krog-J.Surman etc.

/ Open Space

Kenny Clark-Francy Boland / More Smiles

Lee Konitz-Phil woods etc.

/ Alto Summit

Martial Solal-N.H.O.P-D.Humair

/ Suite For Trio

Oscar Peterson

/ Travelin' On

Pedro Iturralde Quintet feat.Paco De Rucia

/ Flamenco-Jazz

Roland Hanna Trio

/ Child Of Gemini

The Singers Unlinited

/ Four Of Love